Six Tips to Make Your Arms Look Bigger Instantly

The best shirt to make your arms look bigger instantly

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The below shirts have been identified as the best shirts to make your arms look bigger instantly:

These six tips can quickly make your  upper arms look bigger and more muscular.

It is possible to quickly make your upper arms look bigger and more muscular without steroids, hard workouts or strict dieting.  Of course, to truly enjoy big, muscular biceps and triceps, regular weight training and disciplined nutrition is required.  To build big arms, a person must practice a lifestyle that supports muscle growth through the application of proper nutritional principles, regular, intense resistance training and the intelligent use of muscle building supplements.  

However, the following tips can be applied to quickly make the biceps look bigger and make the triceps appear larger and more muscular:

Wear White Short-Sleeved Shirts

This shirt makes the arms look leaner and bigger
Fashion experts warn people against wearing the color white if they do not want their body to appear larger.  The optical illusion that is created when a person wears white makes the entire body look bigger than it actually is.  For someone who is overweight or wishes to appear slim, wearing white-colored clothing may not be a good idea. 

However, for people who want to make their body look massively muscular, the color white is a good option for clothing, especially shirts.  Wearing a white T-shirt will create the illusion that all of the muscles of the upper body are bigger than they may actually be.   By exposing your arms by wearing a short-sleeved shirt, the biceps and triceps muscles will look bigger and more muscular.

Take a look at the picture above.  Notice how massively huge and muscular his arms look.  He has big guns, no doubt.  But the shirt accentuates the biceps and triceps muscles.  This shirt has been identified as the best shirt to make the arms look big, massively muscular and well developed

Wear Tight Short-Sleeved Shirts

This shirt makes the arms look huge!
Wearing a tight short-sleeved shirt, especially one that is white-in-color, will make the upper arms muscles look large, so large that it will appear that the shirt cannot contain the massively developed biceps and triceps muscles.

Caution must be exercised, however.  The best type of form-fitting shirt should make the muscles of the upper body and arms look bigger, not the midsection.  Short-sleeved shirts that are designed to be fitted around the upper arm produce the best results when trying to make the upper arms look bigger and more muscular  This shirt, as in the photograph above, fits tight against the upper arm but is slightly looser in the midsection, making it the perfect shirt to make the arms look big and to create the illusion of a slim, lean waist.

Get a Hair Cut

Odd as it may sound, a short haircut will make the upper arm muscles look bigger.  The illusion that is created from a tight haircut against a white, form-fitted, short-sleeved shirt will make the arms look enormous.  Bushy hair or long, shaggy locks may take away from the appearance of big arms.  Or people’s attention may be drawn to your head rather than your arms. 

Get a Tan

Professional models, competitive bodybuilders and fitness competitors understand how important having a tan is to making their physique look the best.  The fact is, skin that is tanned makes the body look leaner.  When the body appears to be lean, the muscles look bigger, fuller and well defined.  I expand on this topic in the article Look Bigger and More Muscular: Get a Tan.

Getting a quality tan does not require a person to lay in the sun or in a tanning bed for hours on end.  An even, natural looking tan can be achieved by purchasing high quality sunless tan cream, lotion or spray.  The contrast in color that is created by a tan while wearing a white shirt will enhance the illusion of larger, more muscular arms. 

Shave Your Arms

To really make your upper arm muscles look larger and more muscular, they must be visible.  Thick, dark hair that covers the arms will hide the muscles that you are trying to reveal.  Like having a tan, shaving makes the arms look leaner, which will create the illusion of big biceps and triceps. 

Having hairless arms also reveals veins that are visible under the surface of the skin.  This appearance of veins, called vascularity, also adds to the appearance of huge arms.  This tip alone can drastically improve the appearance of the arms.

Pump Up Your Muscles

In order to quickly make your arms look bigger and more muscular, it’s important to actually make the muscles bigger.  This can be achieved by pumping up the biceps and triceps through high repetition exercise that targets these muscles.  

By performing several dozen repetitions of bicep curls and triceps extensions, blood will rush into the muscles and give them a fuller appearance.  In fact, the blood and fluid that is shuttled into the muscle cells will actually make the muscle temporarily bigger.  Generally, a full pump will last for about 30 minutes so it’s important to time the muscle pump appropriately.  This pump can be enhanced by using nitric oxide and creatine monohydrate supplements

Applying these six tips can make your arms appear larger and more muscular in a very short period of time. 

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