Wrist Leverage Bar Review: Build Big Forearms Fast

Big forearms are a reality with the wrist leverage bar

This is the key to building mind-blowing, huge forearms

The Wrist Leverage Bar is quite possibly the best piece of equipment to build forearm muscles fast with ease and convenience.  In the paragraphs below I’ll give a review of a massive forearm builder: The Wrist Leverage Bar.

Build Huge Forearms Fast

The wrist leverage bar is designed to target and isolate the muscles of the forearms.  The device exploits an uncommon mechanical disadvantage by forcing the largest, most growth-prone muscle fibers of the forearms to work and grow.  The result is rapid development of massive forearms. 

How It Works

The wrist leverage bar is 16 inches long with a thick, deep knurled handle for maximum forearm activation.  The bar is best used to develop mind-blowing forearms by performing two unconventional but simple exercises:  leverage bar curls and leverage bar Thor’s hammer.

These two movements performed with the wrist leverage bar are not widely known or understood.  That is why it is so uncommon to see people with large, well-developed forearms!  See, most bodybuilders, athletes and fitness enthusiasts don’t understand the how powerful the action of putting immense, targeted stress on the major muscles of the forearms is for building big, strong forearms and wrists.  No other piece of equipment so effectively targets the muscle fibers of the forearms.

The idea is to place enough stress on the muscle fibers of the forearms by isolating the muscle group by regularly performing wrist leverage bar curls and wrist leverage bar Thor’s hammer.   If your forearms haven’t been growing, you haven’t been doing these two exercises.

Develop the brachioradialis with the wrist leverage bar
See, the most common forearm exercises such as wrist curls and wrist rollers only target the wrist flexors and wrist extensors.  These muscles are relatively small and generally won’t grow large enough to make the forearms bigger or more muscular.

The key is to target two of the largest forearm muscles that are prone to growth and will the make the forearms massively large and muscular.  These two muscles are best targeted by performing two specific exercises with one unique device.  

In order to make your forearms big and muscular, you must place adequate stress on the brachioradialis and pronator teres muscles.   These muscles are tough to isolate as most exercises that target these muscles are larger, compound movements.  

Leverage Bar Curls

Wrist leverage bar curls for huge forearms
Wrist leverage bar curls are the best exercise to build big forearms.  This exercise is performed by taking hold of the handle of the leverage bar with your palm facing the outside of your thigh.

The bar is lifted from the downward position straight out using only the muscles of the brachioradialis by keeping the elbows locked.  Once the top of the movement is reached, the bar is lowered under control to the starting position.  Performing three sets of leverage bar curls of 10-15 reps with a leverage bar will give you the biggest, most unbelievable pump you’ve ever had and burning sensation deep within the forearms.

Doing this exercise three times per week will result in rapid, noticeable growth of the forearms.  No other exercise performed with any other device will cause this type of rapid muscle growth of the forearms. 

Wrist Leverage Bar Thor’s Hammer

The big muscles of the forearm
Wrist leverage bar Thor’s hammer is a movement that places stress on the pronator teres muscles.  When well developed, this muscle group will give the forearms a dense, thick appearance. Developing this muscle is very difficult by any means other than by performing wrist leverage bar Thor’s Hammer.  If you see a person with large pronator teres muscles, then you know they are jacked and have strong wrists and a solid grip.  This much sought-after growth is enjoyed by few because so few know how to target this muscle group!

This is serious stuff, fellow muscle enthusiast!  By using the leverage bar to perform Thor’s Hammer, your forearms will become thick, dense, large and muscular very quickly.  People will notice.

How to perform the Thor's Hammer
The Wrist Leverage Bar Thor’s Hammer exercise is performed by holding the arm at a ninety degree angle against the body, with the forearm parallel from the floor and holding the handle of the wrist leverage bar in your hand.  By twisting only the wrist, the pronator teres muscles rotate the bar approximately one-hundred-and-eighty degrees.  Performing three sets of 10 to 15 full repetitions three times per week will quickly give your forearms a thick, dense appearance.

Convenience and Portability

The length of the wrist leverage bar, 16 inches, is ideal for placing the appropriate amount of stress on the forearm muscles for maximum growth and development.  It is also the perfect size for carrying in your gym bag, storing in your gym locker or even in your desk at work. 

Forearm muscles that matter
The wrist leverage bar weighs seven pounds, which is light enough to carry around with ease but just the right weight to allow you to perform wrist leverage bar curls and wrist leverage bar Thor’s hammer with a light to moderate amount of resistance.  The bar is designed to hold plenty of standard plates, but you will find that the weight of the bar itself is enough to stimulate awe-inspiring growth of the brochioradialis and pronator teres muscles.  

Structure and Durability

The wrist leverage bar is made of light-weight, sturdy steel and is chrome plated for protection and cleanliness.  The device is heavy-duty enough to withstand heavy use and can endure years of relentless abuse. 

The wrist leverage bar comes with a chrome steel collar to lock on additional plate weights for even greater muscle growth and development.  The bar is designed to hold standard plates, which may be uncommon in some commercial gyms, but can still hold Olympic plates just fine.  Olympic plates will fit somewhat loosely on the bar, but can be secured by adjusting the collar locks to fit securely against the weight. 


The wrist leverage bar was designed and is manufactured by only one company.  New York Barbells is the only company that has manufactures this specific valuable, forearm-building device.  For over twenty years they have been building and distributing high quality fitness equipment for bodybuilders, strength athletes and muscle enthusiasts. 


The cost of the wrist leverage bar is incredibly reasonable considering the profound impact it has on the development of forearm muscles.  Many people spend hundreds of dollars on worthless pieces of equipment, supplements and gym memberships just to build a set of big, muscular arms.  The fact is, just this device will build such incredible amounts of forearm muscle that the price will feel like a steal. 

Best prices of the wrist leverage bar
I cannot quote the actual price on this review of the wrist leverage bar because discounts, specials and markdowns occur so frequently that it is impossible to say what today’s price is.  

Follow this link to Amazon for today's price on the Wrist Leverage Bar.

Where to Buy the Wrist Leverage Bar

I have grown to love and trust Amazon.com for fast, easy ordering of fitness equipment.  The wrist leverage bar is available at Amazon and qualifies for free shipping and certain credit card rewards points can be used to purchase the device.  Also, Amazon can direct you to useful, helpful products and literature to help you in your quest for huge, powerful forearms. 

These discounts, free shipping offer and other benefits are only available through Amazon.   
This link will take you directly to the wrist leverage bar.

Remember, the key to building huge, muscular forearms is by using the wrist leverage bar.  Follow this link now to explore this powerful device and start building huge forearms now!

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