The Top Three Exercises to Build Large, Muscular Forearms

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Building large, dense forearms is simpler than you may think.  While the muscles of the forearms aren’t generally prone to rapid growth by using the traditional methodologies of lots of grip-building work and endless sets of wrist rollers, stimulating growth of the muscle fibers of the lower arm is possible through a focused application of three simple exercises.  

 Leverage Bar Curls

Leverage bar curls are a non-traditional, profoundly effective, forearm building exercise that can performed just about anywhere.  Leverage bar curls stress the brachioradialis muscle complex so effectively that you can almost feel your forearms grow while you perform the movement. 

A full explanation on how to properly execute leverage bar curls and the forearm building protocol can be found in the article The Key to Building Big Forearms.

Hammer Curls

The second best exercise to build big forearms is much more recognizable to the muscle enthusiast.  Hammer curls have been used by bodybuilders for decades to beef up the brachioradialis muscles and create a thick, dense set of forearms. 

Hammer curls can so effectively build the forearms that you’ll wonder why you never really gave them much attention in the past. Proper execution and workout application techniques can be found in the article Build Big Biceps With These Three Exercises.

Barbell Wrist Curls

Wrist curls are the redheaded stepchild of forearm exercises as they are under-appreciated by hardcore meatheads but they can deliver phenomenal results. Variety in weight, set and rep schemes is the name of the game when building large, muscular forearms with wrist curls.

For best results, wrist curls should be performed three times per week with repetition ranges from 6 to 40.  The following variations should be included in your forearm building program:
  • Seated barbell wrist curls
  • Standing behind the back wrist curls
  • Seated dumbbell wrist curls
  • Cable wrist curls
Explosive forearm development can occur if you include these three forearm building exercises in your bodybuilding program.  Don’t be surprised if you experience some of the best forearms pumps of your life  when you combine these three exquisitely effective forearm muscle building exercises. 

Caution should be used, however.  Being overzealous and going to heavy and too intensely at first may result in overuse injury of the wrist and extreme delayed onset muscle soreness of the hands and forearms.  As your forearm muscles adapt and grow bigger and stronger, which they will very quickly, you can crank up the volume and intensity and watch your forearms explode. 

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