The 15 Best Exercises to Build Huge Traps

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These 15 exercises should be used to build mind-blowing traps that will turn heads and make you look like a monster in the gym and on the street. The purpose of this article is to identify the best exercises to build the trapezius muscle complex rather than explain how each movement is performed. More extensive research should be conducted for information on how to perform each specific movement. 


The deadlift should be a mainstay in everyone’s bodybuilding arsenal, especially if you want to develop thick, dense muscle mass to the back and hamstrings.  What many people fail to consider is that the deadlift is one of the best builders of the trapezius muscle.  Pulling and standing upright with hundreds of pounds on a barbell or trap bar puts tremendous stress on all muscles of the back, especially the low back and traps. 

Five Must-See Hardcore Bodybuilding Motivational Videos

Below are five of the most hardcore motivational videos for bodybuilders, muscle enthusiasts and everyone who needs to get amped up for an intense workout.  Whether you need motivation for a hardcore weight training workout, inspiration for a brutal cardio session to shred fat or want serious bodybuilding motivation for muscle building, these videos are for you.  

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What Muscle Makes the Forearm Look Big?

Here is a link to the leverage bar, a valuable tool in targeting the muscle that makes the forearm look big and muscular. 

There is no doubt that a well-developed set of massively muscular forearms instantly evokes admiration and awe from onlookers and anyone who appreciates a well-built physique.  Unfortunately, many lifters waste precious time and energy pursuing big forearms by doing compound exercises that don’t necessarily target the muscle that makes the forearm look big.